About Dr. Ben Zieren

Hello and Welcome! It’s time you met Dr. Ben Zieren. He is a veterinarian in Flowood and owner of Luckney Animal Hospital.

Dr. Zieren has never met a stranger and loves getting to know people in his community. But most of all, he loves animals. He focuses his energy on the health and well-being of his patients and enjoys working with his clients to build relationships based on preventative care and good health practices.

A little backstory: Originally from Macon, Mississippi, Dr. Zieren graduated from Oxford High School and attended the University of Mississippi for a time before transferring to Mississippi State University. From there, he received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008. He worked in Springfield, MO for a couple years before moving to his wife’s hometown of Flowood in 2010. He’s been working in the Jackson Metro area since then, and you might have even seen him at the Animal Emergency and Referral Center on the weekends.

He lives in Flowood with his wife Erin Holden Zieren and children Cullen and Mary. His wife firmly believes that no family is complete without dachshunds, so they have two for good measure: Chloe and Lady. Samantha and Betty the black labs love going to work with Dr. Zieren, so you might see them around the clinic, greeting clients and generally loving life.

In his time away from work, you’ll find Dr. Zieren on a John Deere. With a family farming background, he has a passion for working outdoors. He and Cullen are tractor enthusiasts. Have some John Deere trivia? Just try him.

Dr. Zieren and his wife began the journey of Luckney Animal Hospital in 2016, with Erin as architect and Ben as practitioner.  They are very excited to be a permanent part of the Flowood Community. Come by and say hi. They’re looking forward to meeting you.