Luckney Animal Hospital provides in-house diagnostics with the latest technology that provides us with quick, on-site results so we can immediately start therapy for your pet. We offer in-house heartworm screening, internal parasite screening, urine testing, as well as lab work to show hematological (blood) disorders and internal organ issues.  We also offer send-out testing for those diseases that require specialized testing.


Radiography is a veterinary clinic’s most widely used tool because it allows us to see what is going on with your pet when the physical exam does not provide an answer. Luckney Animal Hospital has digital radiography which allows us to see soft tissue opacities and orthopedic fractures that might be otherwise hidden with conventional radiography. Digital radiography is much faster than standard film, therefore your pet will have a shorter time on the radiology table. Digital radiography can easily be emailed to a radiologist if we have an area of concern that needs to be seen by a boarded specialist. Also, when being referred to a specialist, it is very easy for you to take a copy of your radiographs with you.


We all know surgery can be a scary time for pet owners with concerns about anesthesia and pain. Luckney Animal Hospital provides a wide range of surgical services with your pet’s well being in mind. We offer EKG monitoring, oxygen saturation monitoring, and IV fluid therapy. A heated surgery table allows your pet to maintain good body temperature, and it helps with a speedy recovery. We have a skilled veterinary team that is trained in monitoring patient parameters. We tailor a pain management plan based on the type of surgery your pet has to keep them comfortable.

Dental Care

At Luckney Animal Hospital, we believe dental care is very important for the long term health of your pet. Plaque and tartar accumulate on teeth causing gum disease and tooth decay. In severe cases of dental disease, the heart and kidneys can be affected by bacteria from the mouth in the blood stream. Therefore, we believe in twice yearly dental checks and yearly dental cleanings if needed. Some pets and breeds have excellent teeth while other are plagued with bad dental disease.

Preventative Care and Vaccinations

Dr. Zieren believes that yearly vaccinations and six month wellness exams are essential to your pet’s well-being and long life. Wellness exams ensure prompt treatment of contagious diseases and underlying disease.

Proper vaccinations can help prevent problems with your pet. Our staff will evaluate your pet and recommend the vaccines your pet will need based on your pet’s lifestyle, age, and activity. As your pet ages, we offer geriatric blood work to keep your pet healthy and comfortable.

Feline Boarding

We offer a unique boarding experience for your cat at Luckney Animal Hospital. The boarding space is in front of our clinic with windows looking into the lobby and outside. Cats can be easily stressed around dogs, so being in front of the clinic and away from canine boarding can help reduce the anxiety of the boarding experience. In addition to this, our clinic provides premium condos with room to walk around or to share when your pets are boarded together. Your cat will be fed premium Science Diet while in our care, but you may bring your own food if you wish.

Canine boarding

Your pet will stay in a stress-free facility under the care of a veterinarian. We will walk your pet 2 – 5 times per day. We offer day boarding for pets that you do not wish to leave at home alone. All dogs will be fed premium Science Diet, but you may bring your own pet food if you wish.

All dogs will be given a free bath after 3 nights of boarding. We also offer general bathing which includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. Medicated baths are available for pets with hard-to-treat skin conditions.